This room can be rented for private parties and other arrangements.

4 parties a month can be held here. During the exam periods parties are not allowed. These periods are: December, January, May and June.

To rent this room you must pay a deposit of 500 DKK plus rent depending on the intended use of the ballroom:
• The rent is free if it is an open party.
• The rent is 250 DKK if it is a half-open party, which
means that other residents are welcome after 22.00.
• The rent is 500 DKK if it is a closed party.
• Other arrangements costs 100 DKK.

You must announce a party clearly, one week prior to the
party on facebook. The ball room must be tidied up and cleaned,
if you want your deposit back. A note on how to clean the room
properly is found in the ball room.
When the key is handed back to a resident council member, it is
the tenants responsibility to demonstrate that the music system is
functional – as when the key was received. If the music system is broken by the tenant or guests of the tenant, the tenant is fully liable for the costs that may arise of replacing the music system.

A form to use when renting the ball room can be found by the
Residents Council’s room in the basement.