Gym and cardio room

The residence has two exercise rooms located in the basement. One of them is a weightlifting room and the other is meant for training circulation. In the weightlifting room you will find weights along with all other useful equipment. In the other room you will find such machines as exercise cycle, rowing machine etc. New equipment has been bought for both rooms during the summer of 2008.

Getting a key

You can only access the exercise rooms with an electronic key piece that you can get from the Resident Council. You have to apply for a key by filling an application and pay a one-time fee of 200DDK to get the electronic key piece. The electronic piece can be used as often as wished and for as long as one lives at the residence. When you move out, the council will prefer if you give back your key token, you will not get your fee back.

To get acces to the Gym and cardio room, you must fill out the application papir. The application papir is hanging by the resident councils door in the basement. After you have filled it out you must transfer 200DKK via MobilePay, and put the application in the letterbox by the resident councils door.

After you have handed in the application you will get the gym key in your letterbox.